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XERVON EMR’s business locations

The REMONDIS Group’s locations

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The REMONDIS Group’s locations

Mitarbeiter führt Funktions- und Sicherheitskontrolle durch

XERVON EMR – part of a strong group

Focus on E&I

With its comprehensive portfolio of electrical and instrumentation (E&I) engineering services, XERVON EMR can be found working wherever processing technology facilities need to be monitored and controlled. Besides offering a wide range of process technology expertise, our work provides our customers with further tangible benefits that add value to their business day after day. Other advantages include our in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of sectors, our extensive practical experience as well as our no-compromise safety standards.

A partner with in-depth industry know-how

XERVON EMR works for a whole range of different sectors, in particular for the process industry. Focus here is put on refineries as well as companies working within the chemical and petrochemical industry, the paper industry and pharmaceuticals. Having worked in these fields for so many years, we know the exact requirements of each individual sector. We make the very most of this valuable knowledge to draw up bespoke solutions that take all aspects of the sector-specific processes and systems into account.

Our cooperation models stand out as they are so flexible: XERVON EMR can work for you on an individual project or as part of a service agreement

Prepared for all challenges

Having a team of over 130 qualified employees, we can also carry out large, complex projects quickly and efficiently. These include performing tasks under special conditions such as working in high risk areas and in turnarounds. Thanks to our well-equipped business locations in Böhlen/Leipzig and Hamburg, we can be found in the east and north of Germany. If requested, our operatives can also work at our customers’ technology centres – wherever they may be located – on a long-term basis as part of their in-house team.

QHSE – an integral part of our day-to-day business

QHSE (quality, health, safety and environment) topics shape both our technical solutions as well as the way we deliver our services. They are our no. 1 priority and act as a tool for continuously improving our in-house processes. All our QHSE activities are based on and oriented towards management systems such as DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SCCP as well as the accreditation as a specialist business in line with the WHG [Federal Water Act]. Special programmes, training courses and the exchange of best practice solutions are also a key part of our QHSE measures. Parallel to this, our ‘Safer Together’ initiative ensures that each and every employee knows that they are also responsible for making sure the highest safety standards are achieved.

QHSE is an integral component of our corporate culture and a field that we are continuously looking to further develop

A strong group delivering a strong performance

XERVON EMR belongs to REMONDIS Maintenance & Services, which also owns the XERVON Group and the BUCHEN Group. Together, the companies make up the REMONDIS Group’s specialist industrial services division. XERVON is one of the world’s leading providers of technical industrial services. BUCHEN focuses on delivering specialist services for cleaning industrial plants and plant parts and is one of the leading providers of industrial services in Europe.

Being part of a strong group, XERVON EMR is in a position to offer a whole range of additional services. For our customers, this means even more services from just one company

Corporate Compliance

It is of utmost importance to us that our company acts in a responsible manner. Our actions across all areas of our business are always guided by legal regulations and ethical and moral principles. Our activities are based on our Corporate Compliance Guidelines which our management teams and employees follow at all times. Moreover, XERVON EMR also has strict guidelines in place on how to select its business partners. We expect them, too, to operate a fair and compliant business that meets social and environmental standards.

Our Corporate Compliance Guidelines, which are valid across the whole of the REMONDIS Group, can be found here

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