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A good grip on E&I technology

Your E&I partner - from plant construction to maintenance and repair

High performance E&I technology ensures the fundamentals are in place for safe and efficient plant operations and, by doing so, addresses some of a plant operator’s key objectives. XERVON EMR is there to ensure your electrical and electronic systems fulfil their functions in the best possible way. Besides developing, managing and implementing projects, we also take over all subsequent tasks – from servicing and maintenance work, to inspections and performance checks, all the way through to revamps and applications.

Installation of new facilities

Our company is able to offer the full set of services needed to install new facilities – from providing advice, planning the work and drawing up the project, to producing and installing the equipment, all the way through to commissioning the machinery. This includes, of course, integrating the automated systems into your existing process operations. When you work with XERVON EMR, you not only benefit from our extensive expertise but also from our many years of industry experience and in-depth knowledge of your particular sector – key advantages that enable projects to be coordinated and implemented quickly and smoothly.

XERVON EMR is an independent service provider. This means that our solutions take all the options and opportunities available on the market into account



Project planning





When it comes to commissioning electrotechnical systems, we deliver all of the individual tasks required – from loop checking, to carrying out trial runs, to issuing the acceptance certificate. Factory acceptance tests (FAT) are carried out in advance on any hardware and software that need to be installed to ensure they meet all function and quality requirements. Whenever we build facilities ourselves, we provide as-built documentation to show and record the individual production steps. By the time the facility is commissioned, customers have a full set of records that provides a summary of all relevant drawings, plans and documents.

Servicing & maintenance work

Our portfolio also provides for the whole range of services required to service and maintain electrical and electronic systems so that they operate reliably. Our servicing and maintenance plans are drawn up individually to meet both your exact applications and the specific requirements of your machine or facility. These plans also include solutions to facilitate effective remote maintenance and 24/7 emergency services – providing our customers with additional support should their plants experience an unexpected problem.

Working with XERVON EMR means having proactive maintenance strategies in place to predict and prevent malfunctions

Inspections & performance tests

From carrying out checks in accordance with the ‘BetrSichV’ [German Ordinance on Industrial Health and Safety], to appraising electrical circuits in line with the DIN VDE 0100 guidelines, to testing machinery and equipment as per the DGUV V3 [issued by the German Social Accident Insurance]: a whole host of mandatory recurring inspections have to be performed on electrical and electronic facilities. We remind customers when these are due, ensure the work is performed by qualified personnel using the correct test instruments and draw up a comprehensive inspection log that includes recording and documenting the tasks carried out. XERVON EMR is also the right company to turn to when company-specific tests need to be performed in accordance with internal regulations.

Revamps & applications

XERVON EMR adapts existing systems to reflect the latest technical developments so that they are always up to date. By refurbishing, extending and modernising systems to meet our customers’ needs, we help drive innovation in their business – something that not only maintains the value of their automated facilities but also further grows their level of performance. As a result, our customers are well equipped to face any increasing requirements and can be sure their process technology is fit for the future.

Make the most of the advances being made in technology and grow your levels of productivity, efficiency and safety so your plant is fit for the future


XERVON EMR’s experienced technicians are able to rectify irregularities, malfunctions and faults quickly and professionally. Thanks to our company’s set-up, we our also able to handle large-scale projects that require extensive personnel resources and complex specialist skills to be completed rapidly. By keeping our own stocks and maintaining close ties to the component market, we are able to procure spare parts without delay. Our teams are available around the clock and can also be reached at any time via our on-call service.

An overview of our certificates and accreditations can be found here

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